Changes for NT seniors, pensioners & carers

The Territory Labor Government is reforming the NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme, to make it fairer, more accessible, and sustainable.


Minister for Territory Families, Dale Wakefield today said, from 1 July 2018, there will be two new schemes.


The existing NT Pensioner & Carer Concession Scheme will become the NT Concession Scheme for people on long-term income support, such as aged pensioners and carers.


A brand new scheme, the Seniors Recognition Scheme, will be created to acknowledge the contribution of all senior Territorians 65 years and over.


Territory Families undertook extensive consultation across the NT, and over 10,000 Territorians had their say on the current scheme. An independent review was also undertaken. Key concerns that were raised during the review:

  • The current scheme was open to fraud and a few people were getting more than their fair share
  • The administration mechanism needed to be more robust
  • There needed a to be a separate scheme recognising seniors
  • The current scheme was unfair as people were excluded – approximately 3,000 senior Territorians


“The NT Concession Scheme and the Seniors Recognition Scheme are the most generous schemes of their type in the country, and we have gone beyond our election commitment to seniors by providing $500 every year rather than the $350 as initially promised,” Ms Wakefield said.


“Importantly we are modernising administration to ensure the two new schemes include strict measures to prevent any fraudulent activity or the misuse of funds.


“We made an election promise to reform the current scheme and today we are delivering on that promise.”


The existing scheme will continue to be administered by Territory Families until 1 July 2018. All existing eligible members of the current scheme will be grandfathered into the NT Concession Scheme.


For more information on the new schemes see


8 November 2017.