$20k on offer for seniors living ideas

Do you have an idea to improve the lives of people who are 65 years or older? Entries are now open for the $20,000 Seniors Living Innovation Challenge.


The Challenge is part of the Seniors Living Innovation research project, an Australian-first collaboration between the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and four industry partners, the IRT Group, Aveo, Bally Cara and Bolton Clarke.


“QUT researchers want to hear game-changing ideas from individuals or groups interested in making a difference to the lives of Australian seniors,” said IRT Communities’ CEO Stig Andersen.


“Entrepreneurs, students, architects, urban designers, industrial designers, creative thinkers and community groups are among those invited to get involved.”


Entrants are invited to submit their imaginative concepts to one of three categories:

  1. Design a new community – What urban designs would promote a vibrant lifestyle and social connectedness for over-65s?
  2. Create new products and services for the future – What original product or service would support older people to maintain valued roles in their community?
  3. Wildcard – What innovative ideas, that don't fit into category 1 or 2, are aligned with the purpose and vision of the competition?


“The competition aims to uncover creative proposals that will empower people over 65 to live the life they choose,” Mr Andersen said. “The Senior Living Innovation project is all about fostering active ageing, community connectedness and business innovation.”


Whether it’s housing, digital services, innovative products or new technologies, the Challenge is looking for new thinking to enable older people to continue to engage and enjoy their lifestyle.


“Think robotics, smart houses, nano and wearable technology, intentional and intergeneration communities,” he said. “When you combine one of Australia’s leading technology universities with industry partners and forward-thinking consumers, the possibilities are endless.”


The Senior Living Innovation research project aims to translate the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Global Age-Friendly Cities and Active Ageing principles into real-world solutions.


In Stage One of the Innovation Challenge competition, entrants will submit a 3-5 minute video outlining an innovative idea by 7 November 2017. Shortlisted entrants, announced 24 November, will submit a full proposal to Stage 2 of the competition by 6 February 2018. The final winner of the competition will be announced in late February 2018.


For full details visit www.seniorlivinginnovation.org.au or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


16 October 2017.