2016 - the fascinating trends

Sydney-based Ross Dawson, an influential futurist highlights some fascinating trends coming for 2016.


Uber for everything

Uber being legalised in NSW [, ACT and WA] is just the beginning of the rise of efficient marketplaces for driving, car sharing, accommodation, lending, work, clothes and more, transforming how we work and do business.



Super-fast gratification (Jeremy Clarkson)

Same-day delivery for online shopping is shifting to 3 hour and then 1 hour delivery in cities, assisted by customers delivering goods to their neighbours and the advent of drone delivery.



Emotional analytics (Affectiva)

Computers are now able to analyse people’s emotions incredibly well through their faces, voices and physiology, enabling better relationships between humans and machines.



Startup nation (Nick Abrahams )

Sydney startup Atlassian’s recent stockmarket listing at $8 billion is leading a rapidly growing army of successful and aspiring Australian technology entrepreneurs in who are going where the most wealth is being created in the economy today, and investors want in.



Robots are here to help you (Lowe’s Innovation Labs )

Robots are automating not just back-offices and mining operations, they are coming into retail and customer service, already in hotels and hardware stores, coming soon to fast food and other outlets.



Virtual reality goes mainstream (The Irish times)

The launch of Facebook’s Oculus and other leading virtual reality headsets in the first months of 2016, with Hollywood jumping on board, will bring us completely different forms of entertainment and customer engagement.



Beyond banking-as-usual (RBA)

Finance will never be the same again, with a plethora of new options for financing including peer-to-peer lending and equity crowdfunding, personal credit ratings being based on thousands of criteria including social media activity, and the entire financial system potentially disrupted by Bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain.



Clothes become intelligent (Daan Roosegaarde)

“Wearables” won’t be just smart watches and fitness monitors, but also beautiful clothes embedded with technologies that keep us healthy, respond to us, change colours at our bidding, or even become transparent as we feel more amorous.



From reactive to predictive health (Scanadu)

Healthcare is being transformed, with health monitor giving alerts before we get sick, computers providing medical advice, doctors working remotely and medicines being personalised to the individual.



Cyber-security first (Wired)

As technology seeps into every aspect of our lives, cyber-security is ever-more critical. This year’s hacks included philandering site Ashley Madison, a car while it was being driven, and data on over 21 million US government employees. The year ahead will see even bigger hacks, with highly personal data lost, and concerted action by companies and individuals to keep safe.



21 December 2015.